Cronin is the new musical project from Irish brothers Jonathon and Michael Cronin. Leaving Ireland in the last recession on the early 90's to live in the North of England shaped their musical influences,style and aspirations. Since returning to Ireland 10 years ago they have set up their own recording studio, Transmission Rooms in Longford, released acclaimed singles and albums under the moniker The Aftermath, featured music on 2 major motion pictures amongst other things. They make music in their own Transmission Rooms recording studio that is based in the rural setting in the middle of Ireland. Along with them selves Mullingar musician Brian Murphy and Fiachra Milner collaborate to make music.


Cronin have had a few eventful couple of years while finishing off their debut album from Pete Doherty giving them shout outs in arena's to Noel Gallagher hiding behind their CD cover to escape the London paparazzi to Niall Horan turning up to their gigs to Mick being with an all Star band at Shane MacGowan's 60th birthday celebration drummling for the likes of Bono, Johnny Depp, Nick Cave and more with the rest of the band performing at the aftershow on Shane's request. 

The album has been a labour of love over 3 years for the band based around Leeds/Irish brother Johnny and Mick Cronin along with Brian Murphy and Fiachra Milner. Recorded in their own Transmission Rooms studio with long term collaborators Ger McDonnell(U2, Manics, Dexys), Karl Odlum(The Frames, Fionn Regan) and string arranger Terry Edwards(PJ Harvey,Tindersticks). 

Never a band to pass up an opportunity there are quite a few names from the Irish industry on the album from fiddling Waterboy Steve Wickham, JJ72's Mark Greaney, vibmaster BP Fallon reading John Donne, Mod Godfater Irish Jack Lyons reflecting on past love and Pogue Shane MacGowangiving one of his trademark screams amongst others. 

"It is quite a retro album and we hold our hands up to that. The influence of our hero's is all over it for everyone to hear. we sort of had to get these fantasies out of our system before we can move on as songwriters.' Mick Cronin reflects.

Cronin by Andrew Caitlin